CW is sick

It started on Monday. My dumpling of a baby boy, who, usually, would drink milk and eat squash and carrots all day if I let him, nearly gagged on his breakfast of bananas and cereal. Hmm, I thought, is this his new way of saying he’s not hungry? But when he passed up his afternoon snack and spent all afternoon being cranky, I began to worry. Sure enough, the fever popped up the next morning. Followed by two two-hour naps–for a kid who usually can’t keep his eyes closed for more than twenty minutes at a time. Then yesterday the fever got up to nearly 104. The doctor assured us it was only a viral cold and that the fever would break in a day or two. But man…I feel so bad for him. The kid who usually grabs at every new object, from wires to shoelaces to plant leaves, couldn’t bother himself to grab the remote control (his favorite wanna-be toy). Listless and uncomfortable, he looks up at me with his red-rimmed eyes as if to say, ‘Please, make it better.’ And all I’ve got is Tylenol in a flavor he seems to hate and lots and lots of hugs.

Thinking ahead, as most moms do, I’m sure I’ll have this fever in a few days, right when I need to pack up our life for a week and a half and spend the night on the train down to Georgia for Christmas festivities. Did someone mention citrus and zinc? I’m on it!


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