A reflection of the nuclear family

For more photos go to: Holiday-style

We’ve kicked off the holidays right, here in the Big Apple. A few days ago CW and I viewed the Macy’s windows and were surprised by free photos and cocoa in Herald Square. Last weekend we traveled up to Inwood for a Christmas/housewarming party where Charlie was the life of the event. This weekend, our nuclear family participated in Unsilent Night. This is only the second year we’ve done it, but the concert/procession has quickly become one of my favorite holiday traditions. (A huge mass of people, many with boom boxes and ipod stereos, plays a composition. The music flows down the length of people and echoes off the buildings in a haunting and beautiful manner. Plus, the gathering completely takes over the sidewalks and sometimes the streets, walking slowly from Washington Square to Thompson Square. I don’t know whether it’s the beauty of the music or the anarchic quality of the crowd that I like more.) Yesterday, we visited the Botanical Gardens where we saw gingerbread houses and trains running through replicas of old New York made out of twigs, berries and bark. Jesse and I had a great time ooh’ing and ah’ing over the tiny houses and bridges (and wishing we could have seen some of those old mansions in person before they were demolished in the 20s and 30s). Charlie was more interested in the patterns the trees and ferns made against the conservatory ceiling. To each his own!


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