More than milestones

Pulling UpHere he is pulling up on the squishy sofa.

The rapid development of babies stuns me. Granted, during this first eight months I’ve reached some mothering milestones of my own (using one hand to do just about anything, diapering in any location, feeding greens first), but Charlie has managed to triple and quadruple the things he can do. When he first came home, he laid around and slept, when not crying. Now, he’s a ball of energy. Any new item within his reach is fair game for destruction, from the stereo to the kitchen stools. Just in the last month a tooth has peeked through his lower gum; he’s gone from rolling and sitting up to slowly crawling across the room one scoot at a time; he’s figured out how to pull up on our high and squishy sofa (something he’s been trying to do for a while, but hadn’t quite gotten the hang of); and he’s now whispering vowel sounds and trying out his ‘kaa’s’–he even repeated the ‘bu’ and ‘fie’ of butterflies the other day. I’m amazed by this tiny human. I wish I could learn so much so fast.


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