Shopping day

grocery shopping

(Photo added 2/4/07)

Photo catastrophe! We’ve run out of disk space on our computer, which means that I can’t get to the pictures I’ve taken. Until we can do the damage control that Jesse assures me is possible, you’ll have to content yourselves with your imagination.

I have a cute photo of shopping-day Charlie that I will add to this post as soon as I can get it. On Monday, after a long (and thorough) trip to the pulmonologist, CW and I went shopping at Whole Foods. This is something we regularly do on my days off, though he’s usually asleep for most of it. This time, though, we had quite the adventure. First, we were bundled up in our winter gear. (We’ll definitetly have to get a picture of Charlie in his snuggly cocoon; Jesse calls him a ‘little asterisk’.) After a diaper change and a de-robing, CW ate lunch in the Whole Foods cafe. Of course, by the time he was done, I was starving, so we went through the hot bar line and then I ate in the cafe. When we finally got around to shopping we’d already been there an hour! To liven things up, I put CW in the front seat of the grocery cart. This was his first time mano-a-mano with the veggies. He loved it! He coo’d and aah’d and tried to touch everything. He played with the bag of pita chips for a long while, and we made it all the way to the dairy aisle (our last stop) before he lifted his arms and begged to be put back in the carrier.


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