Jesse, as promised, adjusted our computer so I can play around with the photos. So here are a few from recent weeks:

in the box again

in the box 3

in the box 4


in the box
Charlie’s Christmas toys came from Georgia and he loved playing in the UPS box almost as much as did playing with his new walker.

at the zoo

Charlie posing as a bunny on his first visit to the Central Park Zoo. He was fascinated by the rabbits. I’m not sure if it was because he could stand up next to them by holding on to the fence or because we kept saying, “Look, bunnies! Just like in Pat the Bunny.” Of course, I wasn’t very good company because this was the day my wisdom tooth became infected and I was in the same sort of mood as the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Charlie must have been responding to my grumpiness when he gave us his bulldog face for this picture.



in daddy's hat

Wearing Daddy’s winter hat.




swimming lessons

In his swimming briefs (and the mandatory swimming cap, which I still can’t believe he let me put on him). This was at our first set of swimming classes. He liked swirling and jumping in the water, but the teacher, who yelled and was a little too vigorous a stranger for him, freaked him out.




Mavis's sweater

My co-worker Mavis made this sweater for Charlie. He looks quite dapper in it, I think.


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