Where we were


bear 2

Wondering where we were last week? Charlie has been practicing standing on his own. Saturday, he stood for at least half a minute. Jesse and I were so excited we cheered and clapped and scared the dickens out of the little guy. He burst into tears, and we had to apologize. Now, we just whisper, “Look, look, he’s doing it!”

On Thursday, between taking part in an NYU infant study (CW and I love those, me for the academia, him for the toys in the waiting room) and swimming lessons, I practiced my mama super powers. I took Charlie to a real, live, adult NYC restaurant for lunch, just me and him. He sat in the high chair while I fed him his squash and carrots, and then he chewed spoons while I ate a sandwich and fries. We almost made it through the whole process without an incident (no crying and just a few funny looks—people in NYC don’t like babies.) At the very end, he slipped under the front bar of the high chair and when I unbuckled him he got stuck. I had to ask the lady next to us to hold the chair while I extracted him. Lunch was mostly smooth and painless. (Building on that heady sense of success, we took Charlie to see some kids’ short movies on Saturday, at the hoity-toity Walter Reade Theatre of Lincoln Centre. He loved them, and did not cry once!)

As for me, I’ve been working full-time, temporarily, while another editor is out on maternity leave. I get one work-at-home day, so CW and I don’t have to trudge to the office every day of the week, but it’s a heck of a lot different from free Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As you might remember from my previous post, my first encounter with part-time work was not positive. It was forced on me, and I don’t take forcing well. (Just ask my mother.) But after a little time, I got used to those days off. CW and I filled the hours with fun games, gallivanting around the city, and crossing chores off of our list. (Things like filling and refilling prescriptions, buying groceries and toiletries, and doing doctor’s visits.) Oh, how soon I adapted to a shorter work week!

Getting back into the full-time groove has been hectic. First, I was behind on everything, still, due to CW’s hospital stay. Second, I was writing a guest blog for one of my authors and it ate up all of my writing energy. Third, it was frickin’ cold, so CW had to wear his adorable bunting. (Doesn’t he look just like a teddy bear? He’s cute, but he hates getting in the thing because he can’t move, not even to roll over. I try not to laugh when I watch his futile efforts. That would just be mean.) Finally, we had to actually grocery shop during prime after-work hours and fill our prescriptions on the weekend. Laundry will have to wait until who knows when.

The money for this full-time gig is good, and I’m hoping it will be enough to make the down payment on a cheaper apartment (you know: first, last and security). But when May rolls around and the part-time hours are back in effect, I’ll be cutting coupons with a smile.


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