Gung hay fat choy, or however you spell happy Chinese new year.

Jesse, Charlie and I went to the Chinatown flower market this past weekend for Chinese new year, with the snow from last weeks’ storm still on the ground. The crunching ice, the crowds, the fact that CW’s first birthday is next month…all of that took me back to this time last year.

CW wasn’t born yet, and I had no idea what being a parent was all about. (Some might say I still don’t.) The blizzard of ’06 hit just at Chinese new year.

newspaper stands

the blizzard of ’06 courtesy of webshots


Jesse and I braved the slush and wind to get to the Bo Law Kung Fu new year celebration where an eight-months-pregnant me accepted a first-degree black belt. And then, around the same time, I tiptoed over ice (like an elephant through tulips) into the bowels of Chinatown to buy moxibustion sticks, reputed to be able to turn a breech baby if placed near the pinky toe. Only one of the sales ladies spoke English and the others had to call her out from the back to help me. She didn’t tell me that moxibustion sticks, made out of mugwort, stink to high heaven when lit. That must have been why CW decided not to turn head-down by himself. Who would want to put their nose closer to the stench?

And then yesterday, yet another remembrance: I saw some photos of my cousin Niki and her baby, Jonah, on Jonah’s picture page. He’s wearing a suit that Charlie used to wear, one with an alien in the pocket that the grandmas bought for CW when he didn’t have enough clothes to wear. CW wore that suit when he was about 8 pounds, and, as Jesse would say, he was little enough to ride on our thumbs. I took him to a mother’s meeting in that suit, one of my first trips out of the house alone, with a baby I was still getting to know. All the ladies thought he was adorable, especially when he put on the hat. Jonah does the alien justice.

Jonah in the alien suit. I’m guessing not long ago, which would make him almost 4 months old.



Charlie in the alien suit, when he was almost two months old.

With CW’s big ONE coming up soon, I’ll probably be posting more walks down, and photos of, memory lane. (At least I’ll get to share them, since it’s taken this long to get the blog up and running. Ah, parenthood.)


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