Before I had Charlie, I distinctly remember people exclaiming over a baby’s “first time”–first time he rolled over, first time he smiled, first time he stood alone, etc., etc., etc. And I fully expected to be filling this blog with tales of CW’s first-time exploits. After all, missing that first time is supposedly a huge loss, but, I gotta say, Charlie has never had a first time. My boy doesn’t do anything suddenly. Every new milestone is preceded by weeks and weeks of pre-first-time practicing. Before he smiled, he had gas smiles galore. We couldn’t determine when he actually started smiling at us instead of at the air. Before he crawled, he rocked on his hands and knees, moved backwards, scooted forward, took little crawl steps and then one day he crawled–slowly. It took him even longer to get really fast. (Now he rockets down the hall like a pro.) Even with everyday changes he has to take in all the details of the new environment or the new face before he lets loose.

So, it’s hard for me to know now whether or not Charlie has started talking. He’s still working on every consonant-vowel combination imaginable (bah, buh, ma, muh, du, dah–you get my drift). He has said ‘Uh-ma-ma’ when he was looking at me–or was he looking for me? Maybe this was his first word, Mama? He’s said ‘buh buh’ when we leave the room and when I leave the daycare and today when we were sitting at the computer and he was ready to not be sitting at the computer any more. But he doesn’t always say it; half the time he doesn’t. So, is this ‘bye-bye’ or just a practice for ‘bye-bye’? I’m not sure. All I can say is, he’s practicing speech. One day I’ll realize he’s saying something. Maybe that will count as his ‘first’ word, but it should really only count as the first time I figured out what he was saying.


One Response to “Gradually”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    I seem to remember Charlie saying very clearly PAW PAW when he was in Georgia. I think Jesse heard him. I sure did think he said PAW PAW. I think he is maybe muttering PAW PAW I miss you, hurry and come see me. You just have to be able to translate these things. That is my specialty.

    Love Ya!

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