Mish mash of milestones

Of course right after my post about confusing firsts, Charlie decides to do a bunch of exciting new things:

First–finger food. He’s been holding peeled bananas and veggie stix (those yummy potato-chip-like snacks) for a while now. But on Friday, when I fed him lunch at the daycare, he got his carrot piece from the tray, to his fingers, to his mouth. And, he chewed and swallowed. It didn’t mush, drop or get caught in his palm. Yay, Charlie! Of course we clapped after such a momentous success.

clapping for carrotsclapping for carrots still

Second, on Thursday we had our last swimming class of the session. (I’m looking into other classes, or going to a family swim time, but this was our last official class, for now.) He kicked and grabbed for water toys and went down a tiny slide into my arms and…he swam under water for 2-3 seconds! He didn’t like getting the water in his eyes so I’m glad we tried that last. After his scuba experience he was ready to leave. (And take a good, long nap, one of the benefits of baby swimming.) Because it was the last class we got a graduation certificate. Charlie is now a baby beluga! (Of course, he didn’t want to sit still for the photo with his certificate, so we have a series of attempts.)

swim 1

swim 2

swim 3

swim 4

Third, I heard about his exploits at the daycare gym. It seems he loves the wooden tricycle. He sits on it while one of the teachers pushes him around the perimeter of the room. He can steer all by himself, and he loves riding it so much that when he fell over, he held on to the handlebars. “You will never ride my trike,” I imagined him thinking to his little friends. “You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.”


Fourth, Charlie and I played hide and seek on Friday and he has wanted to play frequently ever since. He sits on one side of something (say, the rocking chair or a bookshelf) and I sit on the other. I will peek around the corner at him and say “boo.” He will laugh. Then he will peek around the corner at me, grinning, and I will act shocked that he appeared so suddenly. He laughs again. It’s a very fun game, even for adults.

Finally, Jesse noticed that when CW eats in his high chair, which is positioned facing our street-view, he sometimes gets distracted, staring out the window. It took a few sessions of this before we figured out CW was staring at the pigeons and crows that land on our fire escape and on the rooftop across the street. He’s fascinated by their wing flaps and cooing. What a little ornithologist!


One Response to “Mish mash of milestones”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    You go! CW

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