Papering the bathroom

One of my favorite stories from Jesse’s childhood (and he has plenty, most involving potential bodily harm—must be a boy thing) is the one he tells about toilet paper. It goes something like this: He heard about a kid who flushed a whole roll of TP down the toilet and he wondered, ‘What would my dad do if I flushed a whole roll of TP down the toilet?’ So he did. And what did his dad do? His dad got really, really mad.

Well, on Monday, when I was trying to get ready for CW’s appointment with the pulmonologist. (Everything is A-okay with him, except that we had to wait four frickin’ hours to see the doctor when our appointment was made more than a month ago…GRRR.) Charlie was a little tired, or a little cranky, or maybe a little anxious about attachment—whatever he was, he refused to be in any room except the one I was in or to even let go of my leg. So when he found the toilet paper roll, while I was combing my hair, I said to myself, ‘At least it’s not the toilet! Maybe he’ll be occupied for a minute.’ He stood by the roll, touching it, watching it jiggle, turning it back and forth…

And then he realized he could spin it.

Between one second and the next, he had toilet paper all over the floor and all over himself, wrapped around his hands and over his head. I fully intended to take a picture—so I could show CW’s daddy that his son takes after him. But Charlie then started to eat the paper and we had to call it quits for that game. (Too bad his cousin Ethan “Trashman” Yearwood wasn’t around. They could have shared a TP snack!)


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