Baby sign language

cw saying more

(Click on the photo to see more action shots of “more”!)

We’ve been practicing baby sign language with Charlie since he was about five months old. At first, we did lots of signs–we were excited, eager and buzzed out on new baby songs that included hand movements. We signed and moved his hands in sign for some select words, but as he went on and on without signing anything back to us we scaled down to just a few: waving hello and good-bye, more food, all done, and milk. I’d pretty much given up on him signing anything at all. But just the other day, when he was eating yogurt and cereal, I practiced the sign for more with him. And he did it back to me…over and over! I was so excited! Yesterday at daycare, when I was feeding him lunch, he asked for more when the food was gone, so I started in on his afternoon snack of kiwi and peaches. He ate a few bites and then signed, “All done!”

He’ll be using full sentences in no time!


2 Responses to “Baby sign language”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    This is a sure sign that CW is my grandson. I want more!

    I love You!

  2. lisa411 Says:

    I have a great guide for all you first teacher moms! 🙂 Accelerate your child’s reading and spelling ability before they reach preschool with BABY SIGN LANGUAGE. Find out how to teach your baby sign language and have fun learning with ’em. Just use my link for more info

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