A sense of humor

The other day, on the changing table (I feel like most of my stories nowadays start that way…) CW was chewing on his foot. It was early morning and I was changing a particularly full diaper. I tickled his toes and said, “Let me see this foot. I need this foot.”

CW let go of his foot and then made the sign for “more.”

“More foot?” I asked. “You want more foot?”

CW laughed and laughed, and his twinkling eyes were saying, “No, silly, of course I don’t want more foot.” He made the sign for “more” again.

That’s when I realized he was hungry for breakfast. And “more” had now come to mean “more food.” “Do you want more to eat?” I asked. “Do you want breakfast?”

And CW laughed in agreement and made the sign for “more” again.

My baby can communicate using language–not just crying, grunting and twisting his body into odd contortions to get out of his coat. He even understands silly jokes like eating feet. Genius!


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