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Our new place

April 28, 2007

Charlie and I have been measuring the new place and buying supplies. Here’s Charlie in the “dressing room”–a little mini-room attached to the bedroom. We have 3.5 bedrooms, 3 huge closets, a sunny living room, a kitchen big enough for a table, and a very yellow bathroom. Plus, we’re only a few blocks from Prospect Park. Click on the photo for more pix of our new place.

Charlie in the dressing room


Aunt Janelle

April 28, 2007


Aunt Janelle came all the way from Chicago to visit with Charlie. We had a great time (even though we couldn’t get Charlie to “say cheese”). Jesse and Janelle explored Times Square and Grand Central Station. Then the whole gang ate pizza at John’s and spent the afternoon in Central Park. We have a lot of pictures on Jesse’s phone, too, that I hope to post later.

A bit of a mess

April 28, 2007



Not only is this baby a mess, but our recent schedules have been a bit of a mess as well. I’m finishing up the last two weeks of a full-time schedule and preparing to go back to part-time–perfect for summer. We’ve been hunting for apartments. Then we found one, which meant we had leases to sign, boxes to pack, arrangements to make. Our move-in date is mid-May. I also volunteered to organize teacher appreciation week at the daycare. (I know I don’t have time for this, but I do appreciate Charlie’s teachers and I wanted to let them know.) So pardon the lack of blog posts. Hopefully I can still get some pictures up every now and again until summer starts.

My boys

April 15, 2007

We’ve been very busy trekking around Brooklyn looking for a new apartment. So busy that I haven’t had much time to write about Charlie and so busy that my two guys fell deep asleep last night.


Can you tell they’re related?

An Easter bonnet

April 15, 2007

Easter bonnet

Last week, we took Charlie to the Easter parade on 5th Avenue, where the street is closed to traffic and people wander back and forth checking out the costumes, the Sunday dresses, and the HATS. The hats are the thing. There are big ones, little ones, crazy ones, beautiful ones–even one with a roller coaster this time. So we added some bunnies to Charlie’s camo hat and let him join the parade.

It’s a cow! No, wait…

April 13, 2007

On Tuesday, Jesse, CW and I traveled to Bay Ridge (a lovely residential neighborhood in Brooklyn) to look at potential apartments. While we didn’t find one we loved (one had no tub and the other had carpet, which we’re trying to avoid because of Charlie’s past breathing problems), we did take a long evening stroll through homes with yards and a view of the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge. On the way, we saw a man walking his very large dog. The beast probably came to Jesse’s waist.

Charlie loves dogs (and birds and cows and small children). So he got very excited. And what did he say? “Moo! Moo!” And we had to explain. “Well, yes, it’s big and it’s black and white, like a moo-cow, but it’s really a dog.”

I love how his perfectly logical assumptions can be so perfectly wrong. It makes me wonder what kinds of reasonable assumptions I make that are totally wrong, too.


April 10, 2007

CW is becoming such a little man. He’s learned to play parent ping pong, and it hasn’t failed to tickle our funny bones yet.

The first time, we were enunciating the word ‘bottle,’ hoping we were helping him pick up on the difference between ‘buh’ for bird, book, bottle, etc. First Daddy said, “Bottle.” Then Mama said, “Bottle.” Then CW turned his head back to Daddy, who obligingly said, “Bottle.” Next CW turned to Mama, who said, “Bottle.” Daddy: “Bottle.” Swing head to Mama. “Bottle.” Swing head to Daddy. “Bottle.” Finally, we started giggling, but CW didn’t quit. He was seriously studying the movement of our lips and the noises we made. He wanted this word, and he wanted to see how we made it. Such determination.

Then, yesterday evening, he did it again, though not with words. He woke up in the evening for his late-night bottle. (Lucky for us this now comes at nine or ten o’clock.) He was sitting on his daddy’s lap, relaxing, and when I walked into the living room from the hallway, he gave me this look. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was goofy and knowing and sweet with just the hint of a smile. It was silly and sleepy and mischievous and so multi-layered it almost seemed adult. He obviously knew he should be asleep, and he knew he was getting away with something (though he didn’t seem to know what) by being awake. Jesse and I both laughed. But then when CW turned his head and gave Jesse the same look, we giggled and giggled. Then he kept sweeping his gaze from Daddy to Mama and back again, checking us out, saying with his baby eyes, “What? I’m just awake for a little while. What?”

It’s hard out there for a pooper

April 5, 2007

Our little guy caught a stomach bug on his birthday. The day after he smeared his face with cupcakes he had diarrhea and vomiting. (Me, to my dad: “Charlie is getting mud on your pants.” My dad: “That’s not mud.” Yuck!) We thought it was the sugar or the chocolate, since he’s not had those before, but on Friday he had a little fever. We suffered through explosive, sulfuric mess, and used up all of CW’s onesies and pairs of pants. (Our Sunday laundry load–from gathering it in the bags until putting the folded stuff away–took six hours.) By Monday, CW was feeling better. The poop was loose and messy, but regular, not frequent, not explosive and not sulfuric. The diarrhea was gone and healing was on the way.

But Tuesday, at daycare, he had one poop in the afternoon. Just one. Yet they claimed it was diarrhea, because it was loose and smellier than normal. (I have to say here, that CW eats really well. I make his food homemade, so his poop is normally not very stinky, but with all the dextrose from the electrolyte juice, he was not carrying the scent of roses.) Jesse and I knew CW was not sick (otherwise we would have kept him home) so it was very frustrating to have to pick him up early and figure out how to rearrange our schedules to stay home with him. We both had taken days off already; we were both behind on projects and catching the evil eye from our co-workers. It ended up that Jesse could work from home for a few hours, so he stayed with CW while I finished up my work duties, fielded a dozen phone calls about our current apartment search, and then trekked out to Staten Island to see a humongo-normous apartment that turned out to be not quite right for us. (It was set up in such a way that there was little privacy and it would have been impossible to babyproof. But man was it huge! The kitchen was the size of our whole downstairs, with a double sink and dishwasher!)

By the time I got home, after 8, I was exhausted, as was Jesse. We both needed hugs, which we claimed from each other. It was a hard day. Last night, it seemed too hard. (Is it just as hard even when you have a nanny or nearby family to play back-up?) But today was easier. I got to spend my lunch hour playing peekaboo with my baby–nary a poop in sight.

Happy first birthday, Charlie!

April 1, 2007


He is totally high on cupcakes!

After eating delicious cupcakes and spending two days with all of his happy-to-spoil-the-birthday-boy grandparents, Charlie caught a stomach bug. He’s been expelling out both ends for a few days. After things settle down here, I’ll get more pictures up.

Sleeping beauty

April 1, 2007

asleep on the couch