The short and long of it

From Monday, 3/ 28:

Charlie will be 1 on Wednesday. People at my office, people I don’t necessarily talk to every day–they say, “Wow, I can’t believe it. A year has passed.” Amazingly, I can believe it, because this year has been the longest of my life.

When I was little, an hour seemed like forever and each year was momentous. There was an immediacy to school, to friends, to every event, because it honestly felt like childhood would never end. But end it did. And the older I became the faster the time flew. An hour was nothing. It was what I wasted at work. Year became blips: college, moving, a new job. Only events seemed to measure the time. But since CW’s birth, time has morphed and slowed. This must be a hallucination partly due to lack of sleep, I know, but memories of a year ago, when we brought him home to worry about his every breath and wonder how to clean up projectile poop, seem so long ago. He’s such a different little person now. No longer a newborn who can only wail. He chooses his toys, picks up his food, takes a few steps, enjoys his favorite things. He changes every day. Perhaps my attempt to memorize every stage and change are what creates that time warp.

Thanks to Charlie, my life has slowed to kid-time. Now if he could just make the wrinkles go away…


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