It’s hard out there for a pooper

Our little guy caught a stomach bug on his birthday. The day after he smeared his face with cupcakes he had diarrhea and vomiting. (Me, to my dad: “Charlie is getting mud on your pants.” My dad: “That’s not mud.” Yuck!) We thought it was the sugar or the chocolate, since he’s not had those before, but on Friday he had a little fever. We suffered through explosive, sulfuric mess, and used up all of CW’s onesies and pairs of pants. (Our Sunday laundry load–from gathering it in the bags until putting the folded stuff away–took six hours.) By Monday, CW was feeling better. The poop was loose and messy, but regular, not frequent, not explosive and not sulfuric. The diarrhea was gone and healing was on the way.

But Tuesday, at daycare, he had one poop in the afternoon. Just one. Yet they claimed it was diarrhea, because it was loose and smellier than normal. (I have to say here, that CW eats really well. I make his food homemade, so his poop is normally not very stinky, but with all the dextrose from the electrolyte juice, he was not carrying the scent of roses.) Jesse and I knew CW was not sick (otherwise we would have kept him home) so it was very frustrating to have to pick him up early and figure out how to rearrange our schedules to stay home with him. We both had taken days off already; we were both behind on projects and catching the evil eye from our co-workers. It ended up that Jesse could work from home for a few hours, so he stayed with CW while I finished up my work duties, fielded a dozen phone calls about our current apartment search, and then trekked out to Staten Island to see a humongo-normous apartment that turned out to be not quite right for us. (It was set up in such a way that there was little privacy and it would have been impossible to babyproof. But man was it huge! The kitchen was the size of our whole downstairs, with a double sink and dishwasher!)

By the time I got home, after 8, I was exhausted, as was Jesse. We both needed hugs, which we claimed from each other. It was a hard day. Last night, it seemed too hard. (Is it just as hard even when you have a nanny or nearby family to play back-up?) But today was easier. I got to spend my lunch hour playing peekaboo with my baby–nary a poop in sight.


One Response to “It’s hard out there for a pooper”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    Dear Princess, (Stacy)

    Yes it would be a lot easier if you moved CW close to his loving caring spoiling Paw Paw! and Nanny. I could help you take care of him and Nanny could help take care of him and CW would be just like Nanny and Paw Paw ALL SMILES!!

    We love Ya’ll
    Paw Paw

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