CW is becoming such a little man. He’s learned to play parent ping pong, and it hasn’t failed to tickle our funny bones yet.

The first time, we were enunciating the word ‘bottle,’ hoping we were helping him pick up on the difference between ‘buh’ for bird, book, bottle, etc. First Daddy said, “Bottle.” Then Mama said, “Bottle.” Then CW turned his head back to Daddy, who obligingly said, “Bottle.” Next CW turned to Mama, who said, “Bottle.” Daddy: “Bottle.” Swing head to Mama. “Bottle.” Swing head to Daddy. “Bottle.” Finally, we started giggling, but CW didn’t quit. He was seriously studying the movement of our lips and the noises we made. He wanted this word, and he wanted to see how we made it. Such determination.

Then, yesterday evening, he did it again, though not with words. He woke up in the evening for his late-night bottle. (Lucky for us this now comes at nine or ten o’clock.) He was sitting on his daddy’s lap, relaxing, and when I walked into the living room from the hallway, he gave me this look. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was goofy and knowing and sweet with just the hint of a smile. It was silly and sleepy and mischievous and so multi-layered it almost seemed adult. He obviously knew he should be asleep, and he knew he was getting away with something (though he didn’t seem to know what) by being awake. Jesse and I both laughed. But then when CW turned his head and gave Jesse the same look, we giggled and giggled. Then he kept sweeping his gaze from Daddy to Mama and back again, checking us out, saying with his baby eyes, “What? I’m just awake for a little while. What?”


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