Our new place

Charlie and I have been measuring the new place and buying supplies. Here’s Charlie in the “dressing room”–a little mini-room attached to the bedroom. We have 3.5 bedrooms, 3 huge closets, a sunny living room, a kitchen big enough for a table, and a very yellow bathroom. Plus, we’re only a few blocks from Prospect Park. Click on the photo for more pix of our new place.

Charlie in the dressing room


4 Responses to “Our new place”

  1. Nanny Says:

    CW looks lonely to me – maybe the apartment should be closer to LaGrange, GA.

  2. Niki Says:

    WOW! Sounds like you guys are going to have A LOT more space. However I agree with Nanny, a place closer to LaGrange would be nice too 🙂

  3. Divlan Says:

    Hey is your old place in Hells Kitchen still available? Have they lower the rent?

    • Cevillia Says:

      I walked by there the other day, but I couldn’t tell if it was occupied. I’d guess it probably is, and I’d also guess the rent is not any lower. Manhattan rents inflated quite a bit before the downturn. Though they are going down (so I hear) it’s down to about $3200 for a 2 BR, which still isn’t reasonable.

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