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The kissing bandit

May 10, 2007

My baby loves to give kisses to his mama and daddy. He gets this look of intense interest in his eyes, opens his mouth (no puckering up for this boy!) and leans in gently for a smack. It’s so adorable it makes my heart melt.

A few days ago, I was helping out with the kids at the daycare during lunch time. (It’s teacher appreciation week and parents are pitching in during lunch to give each teacher a two-hour lunch break as one of their gifts.) I was playing with Jane, who is about six months old. She can’t sit up on her own yet, so she lies on the Boppy pillow looking cute and fiddling with toys. Charlie, who had been pre-occupied with the fire trucks nearby came crawling over to play. When he got to Jane, he slowed down, crawled really close…and got that look in his eyes. I said, “Are you trying to kiss Jane?” And sure enough, he opened his mouth and leaned over very gently to give her a wet smack on the forehead, not once but twice! It’s not often a mom gets to witness her son’s first kiss.

And then today, he kissed Clara, too!


And on that farm there was a…

May 10, 2007

Baa! Neigh! Moo! Charlie loves farm animals and he knows the sounds for three of them now: sheep, horse, and cow.

The other day, when I dropped him off at Fedkids, he crawled right to the horse and waved it in the air. His teacher said, “Okay, Charlie, we’ll play Old MacDonald. Just let me feed Elsie first.” I laughed at that, and she confided that he’s wanted to “play Old MacDonald” every morning for the last few days. Later that afternoon, at home while I was fixing his snack, he crawled to his bag of farm animals (courtesy of Nanny and Pawpaw) and pulled out the horse. He waved it back and forth, and, thinking of his teacher’s comment, I said, “Do you want to play Old MacDonald?” He grinned, so I sat down and started to sing. He chimed in with the “baa” and the “neigh” right on cue.