And on that farm there was a…

Baa! Neigh! Moo! Charlie loves farm animals and he knows the sounds for three of them now: sheep, horse, and cow.

The other day, when I dropped him off at Fedkids, he crawled right to the horse and waved it in the air. His teacher said, “Okay, Charlie, we’ll play Old MacDonald. Just let me feed Elsie first.” I laughed at that, and she confided that he’s wanted to “play Old MacDonald” every morning for the last few days. Later that afternoon, at home while I was fixing his snack, he crawled to his bag of farm animals (courtesy of Nanny and Pawpaw) and pulled out the horse. He waved it back and forth, and, thinking of his teacher’s comment, I said, “Do you want to play Old MacDonald?” He grinned, so I sat down and started to sing. He chimed in with the “baa” and the “neigh” right on cue.


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