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Coney Island

June 12, 2007

coney island

Before Charlie got his fever, we visited Coney Island. It was surprisingly cold for a June evening, so we pulled Charlie’s socks up to his knees. He loved looking at the lights, the rides and the mechanical horses. But the real hits were the flags and the seagulls. He was entranced by the hovering birds and flapping fabric. “Flag! Bird! Flag! Bird! FLAG!! BIRD!!” In fact, I think those birds are what he’s looking at in this picture…


Why I hate doctors

June 12, 2007

At 5 pm on Sunday evening, Charlie came down with a fever. He’d been nursing a runny nose for a few days, but the sneezing and coughing were getting worse. His breathing last night was fast (though no drawing in around the tummy and when he finally got to sleep, his breathing settled down). He woke up with a cough that sounded like his lungs were made of goo, but no fever. Seeing as how he’s had multiple bouts of bronchiolitis (read: baby asthma) and was in the hospital only six months ago with pneumonia, we decided he needed to be checked out. (Last time he had a cough and no fever, he did indeed have a wheeze in his chest and needed breathing treatments for a week or so.)

So, Jesse stayed home today and trekked CW all the way to the Upper West Side to see the pediatrician. (We haven’t yet found a Brooklyn doctor.) When he got there, Dr. Sasala said, “Oh, you don’t need to worry unless the fever is above 103 degrees or lasts for more than five days.” By which he meant, “Why did you even bring him in here?” (I know that’s what he meant, because I’ve visited this doctor with Charlie before. He’s abrupt and unwilling to answer questions, which is why we switched our well visits to a different doctor in the practice.) Jesse says the doctor was just confused about why we brought Charlie in. The doc thought it was for the fever, but we wanted to check for a wheeze. All I have to say to that is: Why would I give the nurse details about bronchiolitis and pneumonia and ask that the doctor check CW’s lungs if all I cared about was the fever?

The good news is that Charlie did not have a wheeze this time. The bad news is that I am still simmering over this doctor’s rude behavior toward my husband and baby. Maybe if he’d had to deal with a child in the hospital for almost a week, he wouldn’t be so cavalier about a simple frickin’ check-up. All he had to do was listen to some lungs and our insurance company paid him for his time. Really, what the heck is the guy complaining about? I am the one who needs to be complaining–about inconsistent diagnoses and advice. One doctor in the practice says, “You can never tell if he has a wheeze just by listening. You have to have a stethoscope.” And, I’m assuming, know how to use it, hence asking the doctor to listen to CW’s lungs. Another doctor says, “Don’t worry about the cough turning to pneumonia unless he has a fever.” Which he did have, yesterday. This one says, “Don’t worry about the fever unless he’s burning up for more than five days.”

And medical professionals wonder why parents get aggressive, ask many questions and become uncooperative.

Across the living room

June 8, 2007

I finally learned how to edit videos, thanks to my husband’s tutorial. I’m terrible at it and I don’t know what half the tools are for. So, this first video is super short and basically one take. Let’s hope I improve with practice.

Horses say, “Neigh!”

June 8, 2007

Yesterday, CW and I had the first adventure we’ve had since I started back part-time, summer began and we moved into our new place. We trekked all around Windsor Terrace looking for a sing-along that was supposed to have been at a cafe just down the way, but ended up being a bit of a walk. On our journey, we found two new parks and one new tot lot. When we got where we were going, I was glad we’d made the extra effort because Charlie warmed up nicely to the idea of spending forty minutes dancing and clapping. Then, in the afternoon, we bussed over to Sunset Park where we saw balloons, really bad talent show singers and horses at the family festival. Charlie was…how shall I put this? Intense, in his fervor. And then the horse actually said, “Neigh.” To him. With his reaction, you’d have thought that horse was his favorite rock star. I can’t wait for his first pony ride.

Charlie grows in Brooklyn

June 5, 2007

Our friend Patrick came to visit this weekend, and he was kind enough to share his pictures of our walk and lunch in Brooklyn. Click on the first one below for the whole set.


JD and CW

Walking tall

June 5, 2007

Charlie has been practicing his walk. (I just know he’s getting ready to run down the Gulf Coast beaches in a couple of weeks.) Yesterday, when I picked him up from daycare, one of his teachers, Samina, said he’d been walking well all day long, “just like a little man.”

When he saw me, he was at the far end of the playroom, banging blocks. He smiled and dropped to all fours. (It’s still faster to crawl.) Samina helped him stand and said, “Show Mommy how well you can walk.” He stood for a minute, a little unstable, and then he took one clunky step after another. All the way across the playroom. He avoided toys and uneven mats. The closer he got to me, the bigger his smile became. By the time he plopped into my arms he was glowing with pride.

He looked up at me, still smiling, and his eyes said, “Did you see me? Did you see what I did?” I said, “Wow! Charlie, you walked so far! That was great.” And my heart flipped around and got all mushy.

We’re back!

June 2, 2007

After too much time away from the blog and too much stress from the myriad duties of moving, we are finally settling in to our new apartment. I should have time to post all the stories I’ve been saving up, as well as some pictures from CW’s first birthday and other events. In the meantime, the latest update…

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Charlie walked across the kitchen and the living room, unaided. And yesterday, he went to the playground with the older class and took 20 steps! Go Charlie!