Horses say, “Neigh!”

Yesterday, CW and I had the first adventure we’ve had since I started back part-time, summer began and we moved into our new place. We trekked all around Windsor Terrace looking for a sing-along that was supposed to have been at a cafe just down the way, but ended up being a bit of a walk. On our journey, we found two new parks and one new tot lot. When we got where we were going, I was glad we’d made the extra effort because Charlie warmed up nicely to the idea of spending forty minutes dancing and clapping. Then, in the afternoon, we bussed over to Sunset Park where we saw balloons, really bad talent show singers and horses at the family festival. Charlie was…how shall I put this? Intense, in his fervor. And then the horse actually said, “Neigh.” To him. With his reaction, you’d have thought that horse was his favorite rock star. I can’t wait for his first pony ride.


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