Springtime in the city

I’m going through old photos, trying to upload all the vacation pix Jenna so kindly sent me. As I waded through my jpegs I came across these few from spring this year.

Janelle, who is so grown-up I can’t believe it, came for a visit around Charlie’s birthday. (Is it terribly old-fashioned for me to say, “I remember when she was in diapers?” Because I do. And it feels like not so very long ago.) Here we are in Central Park.

Janelle janelle_2

Then we moved into our new place, which we painted with the help of two very special people, Heather and Andy. Without Heather’s dedicated baby-sitting and roller-brushing skills our apartment would still be all-white. And Jesse gets a special thank-you, too, since he stayed up into the wee hours rolling blue tape onto the walls for our striped entry. See how much tape he put up?


Finally, the Zander-Franklins—-Sofia, Zach and Molly—-came to visit us. We spent lovely, long hours in Prospect Park. The kids loved the tot lots and sand boxes and the adults loved the shade. We even got to eat at a real restaurant together in Park Slope where Molly kindly shared her mac and cheese with CW. Here’s the dads and kids. Us moms were lounging on the park bench when we remembered to take a photo.



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