If one heart attack wasn’t enough…

My little boy is sneaky, adventurous and full of mischief. (He takes after his Mama.)

The other day, we went to an NYU infant study; this one about action. CW walked along a raised platform until he reached a door. The researchers varied the size of the door to see if he would try to walk through big and small spaces (what they called “possible and impossible apertures”). He was completely curious and got happily stuck a few times trying to grab things on the other side of the door. But as the study progressed, and he got more tired, he began stepping off the edge of the platform instead of trying to squeeze through the small spaces. CW had learned that the big research guy would catch him and take him to the other side of the door—-no effort required.

I blame the NYU staff for teaching Charlie tricks.

The next day, while on the playground at Fedkids, Lisa said Charlie was climbing a small gym with some of the other one-year-olds. Two teachers were nearby to help kids get up and down and keep them from falling. Did Charlie go backwards off the side as usual? No. Did he ask Samina to help him down? No. He stood on the edge and JUMPED OFF. Lisa said it nearly gave her a heart attack, until she realized he’d landed on his feet, laughing. And I’m sure he wanted to do it again.


One Response to “If one heart attack wasn’t enough…”

  1. Nanny Says:

    Anxiously awaiting more pics & stories.

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