My little squirrel

Grandma Margaret came to visit us this past weekend and we had a blast! After a walk through Ditmas Park and a delicious brunch at The Farm on Adderley, we park-hopped all day. We trekked from the East Fourth street community garden to the Prospect Park ravine to the Empire-Fulton Ferry state park. Charlie scrambled over playgrounds, waddled through grass and gingerly tried out the sprinklers. (He’s liking them more and more each time.) And he also squirreled away too many things in his mouth.

Lately, CW has been stowing food in his cheeks. For later, maybe? I’m not sure. We’ve found grapes, blueberries, raisins and green beans. But on Saturday he combined his habit of squirreling with rocks.

We strolled along the Hudson, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. There was a small rocky beach and Charlie was eager to walk and sit on it, like the other kids. Then later, when he asked for a drink of water, out of his mouth came a rock. Not a little one either. The adrenaline of “HE COULD HAVE SWALLOWED THAT AND CHOKED TO DEATH” was slow to pass and all three of us watched him like hawks over supper until he fell asleep on the train.


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