New web cam

This laptop we bought has a web cam, so we experimented with it this morning. (Ed. Note: I wrote this on Sunday and I thought I published it. Just realized today, Tuesday, that it wasn’t live.) It is extremely muggy and hot in NYC, so you’ll have to excuse our wet, sweaty heads. (We’re heading to the beach later for swimming and cooling off. [Ed. note: We didn’t make it to the beach because it rained all afternoon. At least the humidity lessened.)

Here’s the video of Charlie identifying Pawpaw, Nanny and Gigi.


2 Responses to “New web cam”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    Hey CW and Princess!
    I love this web-cam send more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gigi Says:

    I LOVE this. Thanks for the webcam. It made my day!

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