Summer storms


This has been an absolutely crazy day.

Last night, Charlie and I spent an evening at home while Jesse went to the movies with our friend Mike. Jesse took his bicycle to a 9 pm showing. Charlie went to sleep at 7:30 and I went down at 10:30. With the heat, humidity and the crashing thunder from storms that roared from 1 am to nearly 6 am this morning, I tossed and turned. At 5 am I woke up and realized Jesse wasn’t home yet. That awful feeling of panic—-like waking up from a bad dream—-assaulted me. I laid in bed, running the numbers. The movie would have been over at midnight, at the latest. Then back to Mike’s house and a bike ride home. He could have stayed to talk to Mike, but 2 am was really the latest I could imagine he’d stay, since both he and Mike had to work the next day. I listened for sounds out of the living room and thought I heard his cough. But the sound was far away—-not coming from the other room.

I tucked pillows around Charlie so he wouldn’t roll out of bed, and checked the laptop. (Sometimes Jesse is up on the computer.) Still plugged in, no lights on in the kitchen. Trying not to completely panic, I thought, okay, so it started to rain and he decided to sleep at Mike’s. He would have left me a message. I checked the phone. Ninety-nine missed calls and 11 messages. Turns out someone locked the door to our vestibule (we have two front doors before our apartment door and the front one usually remains open for deliveries) and he’d been outside hovering under a canopy for about four hours. (That actually was his cough I heard, and it was probably his yelling and throwing things at the window that was making me toss and turn.) I helped him inside and to bed, my relief that he was not splattered on the sidewalk allowing me to finally sleep soundly.

A few hours later, Charlie and I got ready to go into the city for our day. We dressed, packed and hauled everything down to the subway stop. Jesse had decided to call in sick and sleep, so we were on our own. The trains were delayed due to the large amount of rain. We waited nearly an hour and a half—-through about 9 trains, all of which were packed so tightly that no one could get on. Especially not me, Charlie and our stroller. Frustrated and pouring sweat, I decided to come back home and switch my days in the office. (Since I work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I can sometimes switch days for work meetings or other obligations.) I sent emails and left messages with my boss. I tried the HR manager, the receptionist, and my friend whose office is two doors down from mine. No one was in. It turns out the entire subway system and outer-borough trains were immobilized due to flooding and debris on the tracks.

This was on the NY Times blog about our neighborhood:

Around 9 a.m., the Crossroads Cafe, which sits atop the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop in the F line, in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, was packed with commuters who gave up on waiting for the train and decided to get coffee and wait out the delays.

Matthew A. Brown, 30, an architect, read a novel, ate a croissant and sipped coffee. “I waited for five trains,” he said. “You couldn’t get on. There were little tiffs, like: ‘Hey buddy, there’s no room.’ I decided not to fight it.”

John Han, 50, a financial adviser, decided to walk home from the station with his wife, after they waited from 7:45 to 8:45 a.m. as a few packed trains passed by. “It looked like a sardine can,” he said. “We’re going to go home and take a shower and try again later, because we’re very sweaty.”

And there were downed trees, strong winds and many houses without roofs due to the storm. I’ve linked to a local guy’s Flickr page above so you can see.

I switched days without a problem, but as I sit here sweating in what the weather guy says is a hundred degree heat index, I am already thinking about tomorrow. The forecast is for more rain, and storms due to the high temperatures. Fingers crossed that the subway lines clear up or Charlie and I may be hiking to work.


One Response to “Summer storms”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    Whoa baby! Y’all be careful up there. I’m praying that the weather will clear up and that your day will go a little smoother.

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