I think it was chicken pox

Remember my rant about toddler PMS? It seems it really was PMS, because it’s gone. While the hitting and trouble-making haven’t completely stopped, they are now back to appearing the way they did a few weeks ago: only when Charlie is overtired or looking for attention.

Strangely, I had been thinking, in the back of my mind, that maybe he was acting weird not because he had suddenly become a terrible two, but because he had chicken pox.

This theory is not as out of the blue as it may seem.

Almost a month ago, when we got back from Texas, a confirmed case of chicken pox hit his daycare classroom. We were told to watch for spots, scratching and fever. Even with the vaccine, he had a 25% chance of having mild pox and a 5% chance of having severe pox. The disease takes a week or more to become full-blown, so we were watchful. He got two spots on a Saturday, one on each knee. They looked like mosquito bites. He didn’t scratch them. He didn’t seem to notice them. His teacher pointed them out on Monday and reminded us to watch for more. No more appeared. Then the next week, after those two spots had lessened, he got two more spots, one on each ankle. Again, they looked like bug bites, and we had been spending a lot of time outdoors, at the park and playground. He didn’t scratch; he had no fever. I thought of the pox, of course, but couldn’t really believe he had it. It would be the mildest case of chicken pox I’d ever heard of, and I knew that if I even mentioned “might” and “pox” in the same breath he would have had to stay out of daycare when he was obviously fine.

But now that he’s gone back to “normal” (i.e., what he was like a few weeks ago), I’m starting to think maybe my hunch was right. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well. It could have been a tooth. (He has been drooling and chewing.) It could have been growing pains. It could have been chicken pox. Has anyone else ever heard of the pox appearing with only four bumps and no fever or itching?


One Response to “I think it was chicken pox”

  1. Nanny Says:

    Kylie said Kathryn’s chicken pox experience was similar.

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