Bike ride #1

Charlie and Daddy on the bike

Biking is a lot harder nowadays than it was when I bought my Specialized mountain bike right before college, what, fourteen years ago? You’ve got to have helmets, special locks, and, with Charlie, a baby seat and a baby helmet. Not to mention a bike, which took me many months to find. The summer is almost over, but we finally have our biking act together.

I bought a super cool Electra Townie 7-speed that I had to special order. I didn’t plan to spend so much money on a bicycle, but all the used bikes that fit our needs were either unsafe for a one-year-old or nearly as much money as a brand new bike. So I plunked down a big chunk of change, and the way I figure it, if I take it out for at least sixteen trips before it gets stolen then it will have been worth the cost. (Based on the rental rates in Austin, TX, where I first road a Townie, appropriately, around Town Lake.)

Today was bike ride #1. We had to adjust the baby seat, the adult seats, the baby safety straps, the baby helmet, the adult helmets…after about a half hour we were ready to get on the road. We made it to the park in record time, and I forced Jesse and Charlie to pose for a picture. (You can see how happy they are about it.) We were on our way to a big yard sale on Avenue C when it started to rain. So, we headed back home as fast as we could pedal and I didn’t get a photo of me on my vivid blue bike. Maybe next bike trip we’ll get a photo and reach our destination.


5 Responses to “Bike ride #1”

  1. Bike trips, plural « With Charlie Says:

    […] Bike trips, plural It’s almost winter. Today, at the playground, my hands got red and raw from pushing the swing in the chilly damp. That means we probably won’t be riding bikes too much more this season. I’ve been saving up a list of bike rides, still counting down. (I need to get in at least 16 trips before my bike gets stolen.) […]

  2. Rashmi Says:

    Hi there, I am looking for a similar baby seat. Can I install it on any bike? Where can I find this type in Austin? Thanks a lot, rashmi

  3. Cevillia Says:

    I love this bike seat! It worked really well, and I’m already sad that we won’t be able to use it again this summer because Charlie has gotten too heavy and tall for it. I’m not sure which retailers carry it. I bought mine online, and from what I can tell, the seat can be installed on any bike. We bought two stingers and easily switched the seat between my bike and my husband’s bike. You can find the seat and all the extras here:

  4. danny Says:

    I have an electra townie and i want to know if the ibert fits on it. I have a 2 y/o who is about 28 pounds and i want to go riding with him. If it does fit, does it get in the way of your knees and can you still stand and pedal?

    thanks in advance!

    • Stacy Boyd Says:

      The ibert does fit on a Townie. I never really stood to pedal, even without a kid seat, but I had no problem standing with the bike not moving. Also, the seat didn’t hit my knees. I’m about 5’5.” My husband had a different type of bike, and the seat did touch his knees when he pedaled.

      In all, I loved the ibert. I wish the seat went up to 50 pounds and 3.5 feet. Then my son could still be riding a bike with me. We had a great time experiencing the ride together.

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