Cleaning up lunch

Charlie: “Unh. Unh” (Sitting in the high chair, reaching for the spray bottle that contains soap and baking soda.)

Mama: “You want to see the soap?”

Charlie: (Nod. Nod. Nod.)

Mama: (Remembering the last two times I handed the spray bottle to Charlie and turned around to find the nozzle in his mouth.) “Okay, but don’t eat it.”

Charlie: (Naughty, twinkly-eyed laughter)

Mama: (Barely containing her smile) “Don’t eat it.”

Charlie: (Reaching, still laughing, but more maniacally now)

Mama: “You can play with it, if you don’t eat it.”

Charlie: (Laughing, and practically winking at me)

I hand him the soap, knowing he’s going to try to eat it. Sure enough, the little stinker grasps it with his chubby fingers…and moves the soap nozzle directly toward his open mouth.

Maybe I should have said, “Charlie, you’ve got to eat this soap!”


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