What a big boy!

Charlie's new classroom

Today was Charlie’s first official day of transition at daycare. He spent the morning in his new classroom where they have a sand table, puzzles, a climbing house and many cool nooks and crannies. He had a good time pulling out new bins of toys and spreading them all around.

I met with his new teachers on Friday and was very satisfied with their plans for the upcoming year. They answered all my questions and were happy to include me in the curriculum. I’ll be visiting in the afternoons, as planned, and stopping by at other times if I get the hankering.

Today, I came for snack. (Charlie had a nice combo of yogurt and fresh CSA fruit. The teachers always say he has the best meals of all the kids—-and all the teachers. What can I say? Baby likes to eat; Mama likes to cook.) Before we pulled out the high chair and bib, Charlie and I played ball and read books. Maryn, one of his friends, was very hungry and not ready to wait. She stood at the door of the playroom and cried (loudly and with a red face). Charlie looked up from his book, concern etched on his features. I explained what I thought she might be feeling, as I always do when other children are crying. “Maryn is hungry, and she’s sad because her food isn’t here yet.”

He seemed to know just what I was saying. He stood up and walked to Maryn. When he reached her, he softly touched her shoulder. Then he turned to me, as if asking if things were really okay. I nodded, and said, “You can give Maryn a hug, if you want. That might make her feel better.”

He put both his arms on her shoulders in a sort-of hug. It was very sweet, and I was so proud that he obviously cared so much about his friend’s feelings.

Maryn, just for the record, was not eager to accept his hug in lieu of food. That girl likes to eat as much as Charlie does. In this case it really was the thought that counted, at least to Mama.


One Response to “What a big boy!”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    Awww that is so sweet!

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