Bike ride #2

Charlie and I hung around the neighborhood on Thursday, as it was a bit too cold and cloudy to go swimming. (I know all you southerners in hundred-degree heat for two weeks are shaking your fists, but all I can say is…there are at least a few things that are nice about living in NYC.) We did the playground, the library, and while he napped I set up our adventure: bike ride #2—alone with a toddler.

I had to install a part on my bicycle to fit the baby seat, then carry the bike, the seat, and the helmets down two flights of stairs. Once I was in the lobby, I attached the seat and waited for Charlie to wake up. My thought was that we’d bike through the park a bit and then over to 9th Street in Park Slope to check out the Y. (I’m thinking of joining because they have lots of adult and kid classes, and they have free two-hour baby-sitting so I might actually be able to work out again. Though I may not need a workout once I figure out this bike thing. Read on…)

Once we got into the park I swiftly realized just how out of shape I have become over the last sixteen months. We traveled a small piece of road that leads from our corner of Prospect Park to 11th Street in Park Slope, the home of Harmony Playground. The walk usually takes about 30-40 minutes because it is all uphill.

Yes. All. Up. Hill.

By the time we got halfway to the playground, my legs were like jelly and I was panting and heaving and hoeing. I was happy to let Charlie chase the ladies selling balloons so I could catch my breath. Needless to say, we didn’t go to 9th Street. Instead we went back home the way we’d come, which was blessedly all down hill.


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