Dear Samina,

Samina and Charlie

You are one of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. Charlie was truly lucky to have had you in his life this year. I have seen firsthand your patience with crying babies, your generous spirit, your frequent smile, and your ability to multi-task (no one can feed a toddler spooned solids while holding a five-month-old to keep her calm and talking to the walker hanging on to your knee like you). I know Charlie will miss your kisses, your hugs and your willingness to look at every animal in the playroom, again, and sing ‘Old MacDonald’ for the tenth time.

Thank you for all you have done for Charlie. For the way you cared enough to call our home and check on him when he had pneumonia, for the way you greet him excitedly every morning, for the lovely book you gave him yesterday. I know what you said is the absolute truth: “What is inside is only a little something but it holds so much love.” I could feel your love when you gave the book to Charlie, and I will help him remember it as he grows older.

Thank you for all you have done for me, too. I so enjoyed our lunchtime conversations about Bay Ridge, about moving to Brooklyn, commuting, and how hard it is to live far away from your family, whether they be in Georgia like mine or in Pakistan like yours.

I am so glad that Charlie’s new playroom is right next to his old one. He will get to see familiar faces, including yours, every day, especially in the evenings when I know you bring the little ones and older ones together around the table for stories. You are a wonderful teacher, and you are appreciated.

We love you, Samina.

Stacy, Jesse and Charlie

P.S. We know you give great hugs. My camera has a delay that is constantly making me miss Charlie’s smiles.

P.P.S. We love Treshia bunches, too. But it was your gift yesterday that made me think you deserved a special acknowledgment today.


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