Wish lists

We took a train trip to PA over the Labor Day weekend (more notes and pix to come) and in preparation, I stopped into the toy store to get a few things for Charlie. I thought new toys would be more fun to explore than the ones he’s used to, so I splurged a bit on some small books, stacking toys and trucks that fit in our suitcase. While I was there, though, I saw a push toy that was totally awesome, sponge letters, bath tub markers, bubble books and all kinds of cool stuff. I wanted to buy it all, just because I knew Charlie would find them fun, but my pocketbook stretches only so far. So I thought I’d put together an interactive wish list for Charlie (and one for me, too, which is on that same page) so anyone looking to give a gift for birthdays, holidays or any old time can see what I think Charlie might like. Of course, you may already be psychic, like Aunt Becky and Aunt Debbie who not only got Charlie clothes that fit, but a dog-shaped cell phone. Charlie says: Dogs! Cell phones! Yippee!


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