A neighborhood meeting


Charlie and I (mostly me) are trying to get more involved in our community, now that we’re in a neighborhood where that’s actually possible. (Times Square was not the most involvement-friendly area, though we were part of our area CSA.)

We’ve joined the Friends of the Greenwood Playground, the Kensington/Windsor Terrace CSA, and on Thursday, Charlie and I went to the Albemarle Neighborhood Association meeting about the renovation of our local grocery store. The changes are much needed. (A week or so ago, I bought a watermelon there for Jesse and when he sliced into it water gushed onto the counter and floor. We both looked at the waterfall in astonishment. I’ve never seen such a thing. Turns out it was rotted inside and all the water had left the fruit and nestled just under the skin. Yuck.) Charlie and I only got to stay an hour because someone got antsy, but we saw the slide show of what the future store will look like and we ate some veggies and donuts. The best part is that we got the back of our heads in the photo shown on our neighborhood blog. (If you click the blog link, you’ll see me in the red shirt and Charlie in my lap. We’re famous.)


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