Apple picking

pony ride

This weekend we put all of our chores aside and sprung for a weekend of fun. On Saturday, we drove to Long Island for the garlic festival at the Garden of Eve farm. CW played in the sand box, climbed in hay, tried garlic ice cream (it got a yuck from me), said “Hi” to the goats and sheep, and rode a pony! He was a regular cowboy farmer. He hung on to the saddle and laughed at the bumpiness. I was very impressed.

Then we drove to Southampton and strolled the manicured orchard picking apples. Charlie, who thinks every round fruit or vegetable is an apple (pumpkins, peppers, pears, tomatoes–Apples!), was delighted to have thousands of actual apples to toss and kick and bite. Even today, before we headed to the Chelsea art book show and the Atlantic Antic (the falafel and chocolate cake were much better than the garlic ice cream), he was still into the apples. Check him out in the video.


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3 Responses to “Apple picking”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    Hey Charlie Bear!

    I love and I miss you sooooooooooo! much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look like a real cowboy.

    Love Paw Paw

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