A good day

Yesterday was one of those days when I wanted to throw Charlie in the river, but today was one of those days that made me wish we could spend every day together.

After a morning of getting dressed and giving medicine to the sound of Elmo singing the water song (“Water, water, water, water, water, water…”), we headed to the library for story time. (Mama: “Do you want to go to story time? We’ll sing songs and get some books!” CW claps his hands, nods his head and smiles ear-to-ear. He likes story time.) We sang, shook the shakers and danced the hokey pokey. Then we checked out a book about America and headed to the playground.

(Digression: Charlie loves flags. Flag was one of his first words. A month or so ago, Jesse taught CW to say “U-S-A” whenever he saw an American flag. Now, Charlie likes flags even more, and he says “Eh-Eh-Eh” every time he sees red, white and blue or anything with straight stripes. This America book was perfect for him. We have read it at least four times already today.)

At the tot lot, CW shared his sidewalk chalk, took the big slide, chased birds and swung high in the swings. Lunch was a whole grain grilled cheese with grapes and “Mah” (that’s milk, yo). At nap time he went down easy, though he only slept 45 minutes.

I’ve been putting him back to sleep when he wakes up too early, and he’s gotten good at sleeping an hour or two for almost every nap. Today, he woke up too soon, but even after lying quietly in the bed for 20 minutes he wasn’t ready to fall back asleep. I laid beside him, pretending to be asleep. (The experts call this modeling.) When I peeked from under my lashes, I saw him smiling at me. When I didn’t respond, he touched my nose. Still no answer from Mama, so he put his finger on my eyelid and lifted up. That’s one way to wake up a sleeping lady, I suppose. When I opened my eyes, he laughed.

While he slept his small sleep, I managed to get most of the bills finished. The only to-do left at the end of his nap was filing all of my receipts and letters. Since the office is the no-Charlie zone, and he was wide awake, I decided to put him in the connecting play room. With the far door closed, he could see me through the gate in the open door into the office. He played for a while by himself. I could hear him chirping and babbling as I put away my papers. But then I noticed his voice was much nearer than it should have been. I turned around and found that he was in the living room, heading into the no-Charlie zone. I guess he can now open doors.

After that trick, we went back to the playground, made Playdough cut-outs on the kitchen floor and then had a snack of cheese and applesauce. The apple-blueberry sauce was on sale, so I got several cups of it. He ate one serving, and then reached for the pantry. “Mama, mama, mama”–one name is never enough–“epples?”

Epples? I thought. He knows how to say apples so what was he saying? After a few minutes of hit and miss, I finally had it. Applesauce. When I pulled a new cup of applesauce out of the pantry, he smiled. “Epples!”

Of course when he was done, he was covered in blue, so we jumped in the tub where he proceeded to play his first pretend game. He stuck his hand into an empty cup and came back with his fingers pinched together, as if he’d picked up something. I held out my hand and when he gave me the nothing I said, “Thank you.” He laughed and laughed. And then repeated the game a dozen times. (He also thought the picture of a baby riding a chicken in the Wow! America! book was funny, too. He’s got a sense of humor, that one.)

Then it was footie pajama time and he went to bed without a protest. (I think I wore him out with all the playing today.) The good thing is that I didn’t fall asleep at 7:30 while putting him to sleep, like I usually do, and I actually had a chance to cook supper and write a post. Like I said, a good day.


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