Puppets and angels

(image courtesy of Wikipedia)

fall frolic
(image courtesy of the Kensington(Brooklyn) blog)

The fall frolic and puppet show went off without a hitch. The Friends of the Greenwood Playground are amazing. I’ve met most of them now, and with their experience and contacts they turned the simple puppet show I scheduled into a full-fledged, free-food, face-painting, raffle-prize-winning, multi-performer event. In less than two weeks.

After the 8:30-1:30 fiesta and carrying a super-heavy 1980s-era metal table an avenue block, from the playground to the library, I took a short rest. Then Charlie, Jesse and I headed over to Green-Wood Cemetery for the Angels and Accordions event.

Angels and Accordions
(Photo courtesy of Theremina)

Part of the Open House NYC festival, where off-limits areas in the city are opened to the public for one weekend, the performance at Green-Wood included a walking tour and a viewing of some opened crypts. (The creepiest is called the apartment house, because it is a catacomb that houses crypts for thirty families.) The performance was entertaining and beautiful, but even more tiring since we walked there, all around and then back home.

Sunday was the Church Avenue Bazaar where I had a couple of volunteer hours in the early morning at the CSA/playground/library booth, and then Charlie helped me and Jesse clean the disgusting apartment, which needed it after a few weeks of neglect.

I was glad to have both Monday and Tuesday off. We needed a weekend after our weekend.


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