Lots of hugs and kisses

Charlie likes to give hugs and kisses, especially to his friends at daycare. When we were out of town in September he came back to big hugs from Clara, Henry, Patrick, and little Maryn who is half his size and has twice his energy. Maryn and he collided into a hug and ended up on the floor, what with the instability of their toddler legs. Today, Maryn again greeted Charlie with a hug, but he’s learning a sense of his own size and strength. Instead of running toward her, he just stood still with his arms out and waited for her to hug him. Success! No tumbling.

He always greets his friends so kindly. A touch on the back when Henry is sitting at the table, as if to say, “Nice to see you, pal.” A kiss for Clara–and a kiss back from her. He wants to greet every small person–and creature–that way. All the toddlers and babies on the playground get the “kiss eye,” with him leaning down slowly to put his face next to theirs.

On Thursday, he even kissed a cat! We went to a neighbor’s house to pick up our CSA meat products. (Yummy organic and pasture-raised beef and pork.) She had a big, lovely living room filled with books, cushy sofas and an orange cat lazing around.

“He’s very nice,” she said, offering to let Charlie pet him.

Charlie looked at the cat with eyes wide. “Neow?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s a cat. You can pet him if you want to.”

He marched right over to the cat then stopped about a half foot away. He slowed down, lowered his face and gave the cat “kiss eye.”

The cat raised his face in curiousity and sniffed Charlie’s nose–a cat kiss right back.

For the rest of the night Charlie was in love. “Neow. Neow? Neow,” he said, telling me the story again and again, in not so many words.


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