Mother superior

We had a baby shower at work yesterday. The mom-to-be of honor is having her first child, and I remember what that felt like. Some healthy fear mixed in with excitement. Mostly the fear was about childbirth (rightly so). But you never hear much fear about those first few, blurry weeks of living with a new person.

I sat next to a slightly older mother, who has two boys. She’s a wonderful lady, and she always gives good advice about kids in the city. We had a good time chatting about pregnancy, birth and boys, and weighing the truth of being a parent against the expectation of parenting.

When the mom-to-be of honor said, “I’m worried about being bored at home, after the baby comes.”

I said, “Don’t worry, you won’t be bored. You’ll be too sleepy and tired.”

The older mom and I laughed and laughed. We knew what it was like to need to get out of the house and to be too stinky and tired and overwhelmed to figure out how exactly to go about doing that. I wouldn’t really call that boredom. For true boredom, you have to be able to do something else, like read, watch TV or talk on the phone, to alleviate your condition. With a newborn you’re always doing something (feeding, changing, getting to sleep–maybe, then doing it all again). It’s just that what you’re doing may not be what you’d most like to be doing.

And then someone asked, “Do you have a washer and dryer in your building?”

“Yes,” said new mom-to-be. “We couldn’t do this without having that. And a doorman, an elevator and a baby nurse.”

Wimp, I thought, chuckling. I felt like a worn and rugged cowboy smirking at the just-off-the-train city slicker. I survived a natural childbirth followed by no sleep and the daily grind of lugging baby (and laundry) down four flights of stairs. I admit it. I felt wise, and, yeah, okay, superior. It ain’t right, and it ain’t pretty, but for once, I’m gonna go with that.


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One Response to “Mother superior”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    lol…yes you are mother superior…no one can get away with calling you a wimp–I don’t even see how you did it. My hat’s off to you…

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