New pediatrician

We have a new doctor. She’s fabulous! Dr. Putter of Pediatric Associates answered all of our questions, was really nice to both me and Charlie, and she let him sit in my lap while she examined him. She gave him a flu shot “so you don’t have to come back so soon.” And her office staff was kind, considerate and helpful.

At our old office, we had to drop off, not fax, the daycare medical form, and then pick up the completed form a few days later for a fee of $15. At the new office, the medical assistant filled out the form for me while I waited, for free.

Now that’s the way a doctor’s visit is supposed to be.

Oh, and it’s confirmed. Charlie is big! He weighed in at 31 and 1/4 pounds (in the 95th percentile) and measured at 34 inches tall (in the 90th percentile). I’ve heard that boys reach half their adult height by age 2.

How many inches will we get in the next six months? Only two and he’ll eventually be six feet tall!


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