I’m a correspondent!

Story time at our local library is really fun. (Thanks, Miss Cindy!) And really popular. So popular, in fact, that on Tuesday they asked a police officer to patrol the crowd! I sent a tip to our local neighborhood blog with the story, which you can read below.

At the toddler story time on Tuesdays, there is usually a crowd. The librarian hands out tickets before the event. If you don’t get a ticket, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to take part, but you can usually snag a place in the back after all the ticket holders go inside. However, over the course of this season’s session, the crowd has grown and grown. (I’m sure it’s because Miss Cindy is so darn entertaining.) Last week the tickets ran out twenty minutes before the start time, and unhappy nannies and moms were complaining, sneaking into line, and generally causing a ruckus. Today, thinking ahead, my son and I got there a half hour before the doors opened. (That in itself is crazy. I haven’t had to get somewhere a half hour ahead of time since I last went to the movies in Manhattan.) We got a ticket. We were lucky, because at the door to the classroom, the librarian had recruited a police officer–in uniform and everything–to take the tickets. When the tickets ran out, no one else got in. I’m not sure if the sergeant was hired specifically for story time, but he was definitely policing the affair. I found it hilarious that a simple thing like library toddler hour could require crowd control.

I haven’t had trouble getting in until recently, when the tickets started disappearing earlier and earlier. (The hassles even made one local mama give up on story time altogether.) The drama was enough that I thought our blog, which has become a bit like a neighborhood newspaper, should know about it. Now, some lady from the NY Daily News has asked for my contact info because she wants to “talk to your correspondent S as soon as possible if you’d be willing to forward along my inquiry.” (See! I’m a correspondent.) I’ll post a link if they actually publish a story.


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2 Responses to “I’m a correspondent!”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Nice to have a little light shed on that crazy story time experience. Maybe I’ll go back next session and try it again. Maybe.

    Congrats on your “correspondent” status! 😉

  2. Librarians with attitude « With Charlie Says:

    […] with attitude I’ve written before about our local library: the storytime so popular they had to call in a security guard and the often unhelpful […]

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