Clean up, clean up

It has taken only a year a half, but it finally happened. Charlie cleaned up a mess today, all by himself!

Every time we play, whether in his room or in the other rooms that have secret stashes of toys, we sing “Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up” when we’re done with the toys. Jesse and I have both asked Charlie to help clean up (i.e., put a block in a bin with our assistance). At the daycare, at the end of play time, everyone also cleans up and sings the clean up song. Though my goal was to eventually have Charlie cleaning up his own messes, the repetition sometimes felt like yelling into a canyon. No response but the sound of my own voice.

Today, though, I was completely surprised by my baby’s newest accomplishment.

We were sitting in the kitchen. He was pulling out pots and pans and taking apart all of the small buckets of toys we keep on the window ledge. I was reading a magazine and helping him when he got stuck. The baby gate was in the doorway, keeping CW from taking the toy party to another room. After about fifteen minutes of quiet play, Charlie went to the gate.

“Mama. Mama. Mama.” (He likes to repeat my name emphatically.)

I look over to see him pointing into the living room where we have his favorite library book, Wow! America! “You want to read a book?” I asked.

He nods and nods and nods.

“Okay,” I said. “Let’s clean up in here. Then we’ll read some books.”

He turned from the gate and scooted to the blocks and cars and other toys scattered across the floor. He began picking them up and putting them on the window ledge. “Eee uh, eee uh, eee uh,” he sang.

He was cleaning up! And singing the clean up song!

This wasn’t just one block in a box. He knew I wasn’t going to open the gate until everything was off the floor and he was moving as fast as his little legs and arms could move and singing the whole way.

I was amazed and totally impressed. I guess I thought I’d be cleaning up by myself forever. Nope. My baby knows the clean up song. What a helper!


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2 Responses to “Clean up, clean up”

  1. Paw Paw Says:

    Charlie is just like his Paw Paw I only clean up when I am promised something special!


  2. Aunt Jenna Says:

    It is amazing what kids are capable of at such a young age. They are MUCH bigger helpers than you realize. So don’t underestimate CW 🙂

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