Labor Day in PA

Cool CW

Finally, I’ve gotten to the pictures from our Labor Day trip to Tarentum, Lower Burrell, and Sandy Lake, PA. Click on the photo above for more.

We had a whirlwind tour, visiting with Pap and Elaine in Lower Burrell, as well as the aunts and uncles in Tarentum. We even had a whole day in Sandy Lake with Uncle Richard where we got to tour Gigi’s new store, Organics and You, and visit the Great Stoneboro fair. The only downer the whole trip was the Amtrak ride back home. We reserved business class, because there was more room for Charlie to move around. But apparently train riders in business class don’t like babies who make any noise, laughter, coos, and excitement included. They ruined the whole ride back for us, and we probably won’t be taking the train again. It’s too long a ride with no outlet for a kid who likes to run around. He’s much better about car trips than he used to be and flights are much shorter (if you only count the time you’re on the plane), so those are easier for all of us to handle. In any case, we had a lot of fun, as these pix attest.

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