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Thanksgiving 2007

November 23, 2007


We didn’t go to Georgia. We didn’t go to Pennsylvania. We didn’t stay in Brooklyn. We definitely did not go to Herald Square for the Macy’s parade. We went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. And had a very good time. (Not to mention some absolutely amazing pumpkin pie.) Thanks Orlowicz family for hosting us!

(The photos above are of our time in New Jersey and our Thanksgiving potluck celebration at Fedkids on Tuesday.)

We had a great time today, even though we missed Nanny, Pawpaw, Gigi, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins. We danced and squealed while watching the fabulous-on-TV Macy’s parade. We even kicked like Rockettes, sort of. We all ate tons. Jesse’s cranberry relish and my chicken and dressing were hits. Charlie played lots of instruments and sat at the head of the table. With only a very short nap during our train ride, he began to wilt around 5PM and we had to get our turkey gobbler home to bed. I did manage to get a video of Charlie and Ruth playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”


45 minutes out

November 23, 2007

Jesse and I attended the grand opening party of a gallery/gift store in our neighborhood, thanks to Andy who hung out in our apartment while Charlie slept. However, Charlie was teething, so he soon woke up screaming. Andy kept his head and called us. Our night out turned into 45 minutes out. It was fun while it lasted.

Here are some pix Jesse took while we were getting ready.


Snack time

November 23, 2007

Now that I have a new camera, I thought I’d document one of Charlie’s snack times at Fedkids. We usually eat, play around, read books, and usually have the kind of active time only toddlers can have. One of my favorite parts of snack time is getting to know Charlie’s friends and seeing how he interacts with them. When they wake up from nap, he calls their name and says hello. Often, they come over and give him a hug or a kiss. I love that the teachers and the kids at his daycare are so free with affection and showing that they care. Here are a few photos of Charlie and his friends. (Remember, I still haven’t perfected my aim. I tend to get the shot one second before or after what I actually aimed for. And, click on the photo for more pix.)

snack time

On that same day, Elsie, one of Charlie’s younger friends, came into the classroom and greeted him with a kiss. Twice. I missed it both times, so I asked Charlie if he could give Elsie a kiss. He does, and she gives one right back.

Music class

November 16, 2007

music class

Charlie loves music. He likes banging on pianos and xylophones. He likes blowing on recorders and hitting drums. He likes dancing and singing (even though he has his own tune and title for things). So, we signed him up for a music class, which is a short weekly session where kids play with instruments, sing songs and learn very basic musical concepts. (Play, then stop. Shake the shaker. Beat the drum. Sing high, sing low.) The first class was when I wished for my new camera. They played “Wheels on the Bus” and he totally rocked out. He did the hand motions and danced up a storm. I thought I might catch him rocking out again, but he was a little more timid today.

A new camera

November 16, 2007

I’ve complained enough about my old camera. I finally bought a new one. I still am not capturing the best video or still pix, but at least the camera takes a dang picture. Here’s Charlie helping me test the video function.


November 16, 2007

He learns new things every day. Here’s a few:

Charlie has known “apple” for a while. But when I got some blueberry and apple sauce on sale, he suddenly found a use for the word applesauce. He’d heard the other kids at daycare say it, but he hadn’t had applesauce since he was very small. Now, suddenly, he knew what the fuss was about. He tasted it and said happily, “Applesauce!” Then, the next morning, “Applesauce?” For lunch, “Applesauce?” And supper…you guessed it, “Applesauce.”

He’s been practicing the recorder since before he could walk. He’d put it in his mouth, and nothing would happen. The other day, though, he stuck it in his mouth and held it there with his teeth while he played. After a few heavy in-and-out breaths, the flute played. I have never seen such an expression of joy and pride. He spent the next half hour perfecting his toot.

He likes fire trucks, and the fire truck song. He sings it every time he sees flashing lights or hears a siren. A few weeks ago, when the weather cooled off, I pulled out the footie pajamas that Aunt Becky and Aunt Debbie gave him in September. Guess what the PJs had on the shirt and covering the pants? Fire trucks. All during supper this is what I heard: “Mama. Mama. Mama! Mama! MAMA! MAMA…fire truck!”

Bike trips, plural

November 16, 2007

It’s almost winter. Today, at the playground, my hands got red and raw from pushing the swing in the chilly damp. That means we probably won’t be riding bikes too much more this season. I’ve been saving up a list of bike rides, still counting down. (I need to get in at least 16 trips before my bike gets stolen.)

#4: We rode through Windsor Terrace on a stoop sale hunt. I bought floaties for Charlie that did not actually keep him afloat and a chalk/bulletin board for the kitchen. All for less than $2!

#5: Charlie and I took the bike to the Y. I did some swimming, and then we both went to the music and shimmy class. He ignored the books in favor of the ballet barre and was afraid of all the crazy adults dancing around like chickens.

#6: You don’t want to know.

#7: The whole family rode through Prospect Park to get to a small art fair on Flatbush. I saw a cute knitted cap that I couldn’t afford.

#8: We went to the Y again. Same song, second verse.

#9: On the weekend before Halloween, we made a big trip on our bikes. We took in the park; the zoo (Charlie really liked the baboons); an art, music and pancake open house at Hootenanny art house (Charlie really liked the banjo); and a dinner at Ruth and Mike’s apartment.

#10, maybe our last one for the year: A haircut. We found a place closer to our new neighborhood where the cuts are better. He looks very grown-up with his little boy hair.

In memory of Aunt Lonie

November 16, 2007

Lonie S. Stewart, May 13, 1916-Nov. 10, 2007

Aunt Lonie wasn’t an everyday fixture in my life, but her spirit had a long influence. My mother said Aunt Lonie was like her second mom. For me, I loved knowing Aunt Lonie could hold her own. She made me think that one day I might be able to hold my own, too. She lived independently in rural Georgia in a small white house surrounded by cotton fields. She tended her garden, her family and attended her church. She had a quick smile, a strong hug and the ability to live in the Georgia summers without air conditioning. Jesse, who has his own issues with AC, says this alone is a sign of her integrity and strength. 🙂

Aunt Lonie made a lasting impression on those who knew her. She will be missed.

Going to the park

November 5, 2007

going out

We went to Prospect Park yesterday, even though it was the first really chilly day of fall. We wanted to stretch our legs and see the ducks. Jesse took some pictures. He did a great job with our camera, considering it is so messed up that I can’t seem to take a photo at all. Hence, the missing photos of Charlie’s first music class on Thursday. Which he really liked, by the way. Drums, guitars, and dancing—he couldn’t ask for more!

Charlie likes to dance

November 5, 2007