Bike trips, plural

It’s almost winter. Today, at the playground, my hands got red and raw from pushing the swing in the chilly damp. That means we probably won’t be riding bikes too much more this season. I’ve been saving up a list of bike rides, still counting down. (I need to get in at least 16 trips before my bike gets stolen.)

#4: We rode through Windsor Terrace on a stoop sale hunt. I bought floaties for Charlie that did not actually keep him afloat and a chalk/bulletin board for the kitchen. All for less than $2!

#5: Charlie and I took the bike to the Y. I did some swimming, and then we both went to the music and shimmy class. He ignored the books in favor of the ballet barre and was afraid of all the crazy adults dancing around like chickens.

#6: You don’t want to know.

#7: The whole family rode through Prospect Park to get to a small art fair on Flatbush. I saw a cute knitted cap that I couldn’t afford.

#8: We went to the Y again. Same song, second verse.

#9: On the weekend before Halloween, we made a big trip on our bikes. We took in the park; the zoo (Charlie really liked the baboons); an art, music and pancake open house at Hootenanny art house (Charlie really liked the banjo); and a dinner at Ruth and Mike’s apartment.

#10, maybe our last one for the year: A haircut. We found a place closer to our new neighborhood where the cuts are better. He looks very grown-up with his little boy hair.


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