He learns new things every day. Here’s a few:

Charlie has known “apple” for a while. But when I got some blueberry and apple sauce on sale, he suddenly found a use for the word applesauce. He’d heard the other kids at daycare say it, but he hadn’t had applesauce since he was very small. Now, suddenly, he knew what the fuss was about. He tasted it and said happily, “Applesauce!” Then, the next morning, “Applesauce?” For lunch, “Applesauce?” And supper…you guessed it, “Applesauce.”

He’s been practicing the recorder since before he could walk. He’d put it in his mouth, and nothing would happen. The other day, though, he stuck it in his mouth and held it there with his teeth while he played. After a few heavy in-and-out breaths, the flute played. I have never seen such an expression of joy and pride. He spent the next half hour perfecting his toot.

He likes fire trucks, and the fire truck song. He sings it every time he sees flashing lights or hears a siren. A few weeks ago, when the weather cooled off, I pulled out the footie pajamas that Aunt Becky and Aunt Debbie gave him in September. Guess what the PJs had on the shirt and covering the pants? Fire trucks. All during supper this is what I heard: “Mama. Mama. Mama! Mama! MAMA! MAMA…fire truck!”


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