Music class

music class

Charlie loves music. He likes banging on pianos and xylophones. He likes blowing on recorders and hitting drums. He likes dancing and singing (even though he has his own tune and title for things). So, we signed him up for a music class, which is a short weekly session where kids play with instruments, sing songs and learn very basic musical concepts. (Play, then stop. Shake the shaker. Beat the drum. Sing high, sing low.) The first class was when I wished for my new camera. They played “Wheels on the Bus” and he totally rocked out. He did the hand motions and danced up a storm. I thought I might catch him rocking out again, but he was a little more timid today.


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One Response to “Music class”

  1. mamasgotmoxie Says:

    i was just looking into music classes for my son the other day! he’s soooooo into music too. makes up songs all of the time. his new one is “shake it, shake it… uh, uh, shake it, shake it…” hahaha… i wasn’t really sure if he was ready for a class since he just turned 2, but now i’ve been inspired!!! 🙂

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