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A sick and busy time of year

December 16, 2007

Okay, you may have noticed that lately I haven’t updated the blog very regularly. I have my reasons. The writers I work with have taught me the beauty of the excuse when it comes to productivity, whether it be sickness, natural disaster or, my favorite, “the dog died.” Well, our adorable and lovely dog died a while back, and she wouldn’t have wanted me to use her that way in any case. So, here are my excuses:

First, the week after Thanksgiving Charlie got a mild case of pneumonia that meant he was at home for a week and taking multiple medications. (At least he wasn’t in the hospital.)

Second, two big projects at work morphed into two nearly impossible-to-complete projects. One arrived on my desk three months late and everyone involved wants two months worth of work done in a week, like yesterday. The other was a long-term series that was supposed to be published over the course of a year. Now, we’re doing it all in three months. Suddenly we’re behind on that as well. I have been reading manuscripts in all my spare time. I have a stack of magazines and books I haven’t gotten to in weeks. It’s towering and about to topple our kitchen table. To say I am busy with work is like saying war is hell. True, but nowhere near the whole story.

Third, Charlie almost blinded me. He head-butted me in the eye and I had to take a day (a Monday, work day!) to visit the ophthalmologist (and yes, that’s spelled correctly; we triple checked). When I complained that this was the worst time for it to happen, Jesse wisely pointed out that going blind would not improve things. Luckily, no serious damage, just some trauma that will heal with time.

Finally, Christmas, which I love, is taking up all my personal time. Buying gifts, wrapping gifts, writing cards, sending cards, enjoying choirs and tree lightings and, tomorrow, lights at the zoo. It’s great fun, but doesn’t leave much time for blog writing.

So, maybe on our upcoming vacation (Family, we will be there next week! Yay!) will allow me to write a little more, or at least download some more pictures. Until then, be patient, or I will sic Charlie’s head on your eyes.


Please and thank you

December 16, 2007

We’ve been working on please and thank you for a while. Of course, Jesse and I are always unfailingly polite, so this was no problem. (Don’t you dare laugh.)

Charlie picked up please pretty easily. When he says it so sweetly its hard to say no. I think he realized this. Hence, please, please was soon par for every request. Thank you has taken more time.

When prompted he will say, very cutely, “Naa noo” to which he gets a warm “You’re welcome.” Maybe it was the pleasure in our voices when he said thanks or maybe it was the fact that his vocabulary has exploded in the last two months, but thank you has almost been made an official word.

Today, he handed me a piece of his cookie he didn’t want and said, “Naa noo.” Then when he gave me his dirty sock, he said, “Naa noo.” Is he thanking me for taking away his leftovers or thinking that giving and receiving require thanks? I’m not sure, but either way, at least he is polite about it.

Looking a lot like Christmas

December 6, 2007

CW and J in the snow

Last weekend we got our first snow of the season. A dusting of white, “Winter Wonderland” on the stereo (I mean, computer speakers), a fragrant evergreen…Ah, it is looking a lot like Christmas. Click on the picture above for more photos.

Holiday update: We’ve been working on holiday vocabulary all week. Charlie can say Merry Christmas (though it sounds like Uh-EE-Nuh-NUH!) and he knows what Santa says: Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The ball pit

December 4, 2007

ball pit

We signed up for a promo music program that lasts just for the month of December. Charlie loves dancing, singing and playing music, and this class is on Saturdays, which means Jesse can join us. Also, it’s held at an indoor play space that we’ve been meaning to try.

The songs were fun, but the big hits of the hour were the fish in the big aquarium and the ball pit. It was Charlie’s first experience with the plastic quicksand. He loved it.

A day with Daddy

December 4, 2007

On Black Friday, I continued the Boyd family tradition of braving the crowds for the doorbuster sales. I had been warned that Jersey Gardens was not a Georgia mall, but in reality the crowd was not as bad as it gets at Kohl’s in Newnan, when the lines at noon go around the whole store. I missed singing carols in the car and eating a giant chocolate chip cookie, but my mom and sisters were kind enough to call and sing me “Jingle Bells.” (Y’all, I can’t wait to see you in three weeks!)

While I was ringing up credit card sales and hauling loot to my Zipcar (which I lost only once), CW and Jesse spent the day together jumping in piles of leaves, chasing shadows and playing around. Click on the photo below for more.

fall leaves

Body parts

December 4, 2007