Please and thank you

We’ve been working on please and thank you for a while. Of course, Jesse and I are always unfailingly polite, so this was no problem. (Don’t you dare laugh.)

Charlie picked up please pretty easily. When he says it so sweetly its hard to say no. I think he realized this. Hence, please, please was soon par for every request. Thank you has taken more time.

When prompted he will say, very cutely, “Naa noo” to which he gets a warm “You’re welcome.” Maybe it was the pleasure in our voices when he said thanks or maybe it was the fact that his vocabulary has exploded in the last two months, but thank you has almost been made an official word.

Today, he handed me a piece of his cookie he didn’t want and said, “Naa noo.” Then when he gave me his dirty sock, he said, “Naa noo.” Is he thanking me for taking away his leftovers or thinking that giving and receiving require thanks? I’m not sure, but either way, at least he is polite about it.


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