ABC…The End

Charlie’s latest:

He’ll take down every book from the bookshelf, look at a few pages, and close each one with a thump and a big “Theee Ennnd!” Now he thinks other things should “the end,” too. When he got tired of me looking at the computer, for example, he tried to close the laptop screen while insisting, “The end!”

We got a Sesame Street DVD, “Do the Alphabet,” for Christmas and it has become his new favorite. He hands me the remote control and says “Bihh Buhh. ABC. ABC.” The songs get stuck in my head, so maybe he’ll know more than the first three letters of the alphabet soon. (When watching the DVD, I tried to remember not knowing the ABCs, but couldn’t. My only pre-literate memories about writing and words are seeing my mom write lists for groceries and bills and not knowing what the writing said. I remember trying to copy it with my scribbles and not being able to read my writing either!)

Charlie is already a 21st century kid. He won’t just read one book or watch one TV show. He reads a book to himself while I read one out loud. Or he’ll watch Sesame Street while also reading Wow! America! He’s a multi-tasker like his Mama.


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One Response to “ABC…The End”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    That’s the one I got him right? Does Aunt Jenna know how to pick out gifts or what?

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